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Monitor Web3 payment via Helio Webhook


Helio X Outerbridge

Helio is a complete Web3 payments platform that makes it easy for merchants and creators to accept crypto payments for e-commerce, NFT sales, subscription payments, token-swapped payments, content paywalls, and more.

Helio offers powerful APIs and Webhooks that allow developers to build custom automation and UI/UX. With Helio integration on Outerbridge, users can build automation workflow without coding.

One such use cases would be listen to successful payment, update Google Sheet and send a Slack/Discord notification.

Update GSheet and add contacts to CRM upon successful Helio payment

Below is an example workflow that listen to successful payment made via Helio, update GoogleSheet, add the user to Mailchimp and Hubspot contact list. This allows businesses to keep track of the updated transactions and contacts for follow up emails, campaigns and feedback.


  1. Helio Webhook: Will trigger workflow whenever a successful payment is made via Helio
  2. Helio Node: Get all the transactions from user account
  3. Google Sheet Node: Remove all data, add headers, and add all the transactions to new rows
  4. Mailchimp Node: Create/add user email to subscribe list
  5. Hubspot Node: Create/add user email to contact list

You can also add Discord/Slack/Teams node for notification purpose 🔔